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Our cubes

Each of our products has one ingredient and one ingredient only: organic, biodynamically-grown roots from the islands of Hawaii. It takes our roots only three days to get from harvest to cold-press. There’s no long shipping time, and no sitting on grocery-store shelves. Once our roots are pressed, the resulting elixir is immediately frozen to preserve flavor, enzymes, vitamin and mineral content. Frozen in this way, our products can live in your freezer without degrading. When thawed, they will taste, feel, nourish and heal just as they would three days after their Hawaiian harvest.


Our ginger cubes

Fresh ginger is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, promoting immune function and protecting against both chronic and acute disease. Ginger has anti-diabetic properties that down-regulating blood glucose and total insulin. It also has cardioprotective properties that reduce LDL and plasma cholesterol. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory, and a well-known digestif. Taken fresh, rather than dried and powdered, the health benefits of ginger are most pronounced.


Our turmeric triangles

Fresh turmeric may be nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory. It can protect against, and promote healing from, pro-inflammatory diseases, both chronic and acute. Turmeric is also chemopreventative—inhibiting tumor growth—and pro-apoptotic—encouraging tumor-cell death. It is even mood enhancing, having been used for centuries to support both body and mind. As with ginger, the benefits of turmeric are most pronounced when taken fresh, rather than dried.


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